Featured Articles — December 17, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

The Algerian terror lesson — Boston Globe Editorial
THE SUICIDE BOMBINGS at United Nations headquarters and the Supreme Court building in Algiers last week were crimes against humanity. They also offered clues about the aims of Al Qaeda and true scope of the threat from fanaticized jihadists.

General Petraeus, Man of the Year — By the Naional Review Editors
Time magazine hasn’t announced its pick for “man of the year” yet, but we certainly know ours: Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the multinational force in Iraq and architect of the surge strategy that is turning the tide in the war.

How Petraeus Turned Around Iraq — Trudy Rubin
On Thursday, Gen. David Petraeus addressed a gathering of hundreds of Sunni sheikhs in flowing robes, including some who were attacking his soldiers around the capital not long ago.

Iraq – the best story of the year — Tim Hames
Against all the odds, an optimistic prediction comes true

Thoughts on Religion and Politics — Rod Dreher
Herewith, my views on religion and the politics of the present moment, with something to offend just about everyone.

A Republican Retreat — Robert Novak
Nearly the entire federal government would be funded by an omnibus appropriations bill to be unveiled today after covert negotiations. In subsequent parliamentary maneuvering likely to extend all through this week, Democrats will pare the spending level to the maximum demanded by President George W. Bush in order to avoid a veto. Republicans will declare victory. In fact, they are in retreat.

I’m More Anti-Illegals! — Howard Fineman
GOP voters focus on who’s coming into America.

Taxing Time For Democrats — Michael Barone
It’s been a while since taxes were a potent political issue. It was almost 20 years ago that George H.W. Bush invited voters to “read my lips” and a baker’s dozen years since Republicans captured Congress by decrying the Clinton tax increases. George W. Bush did promise to cut taxes, but it didn’t help him much in 2000, and the ensuing economic recovery didn’t help him much in 2004.

Bernanke Blows Smoke — Lawrence Kudlow
Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve blew smoke at the markets last week, and markets blew smoke right back. Nothing was solved in terms of the growing global credit crisis, the result of a sub-prime virus that continues to infect money and capital markets everywhere.

A Civilian Partner for Our Troops: Why the U.S. Needs A Reconstruction Reserve — Richard G. Lugar and Condoleezza Rice
It is unusual in Washington when an idea is overwhelmingly supported by the president, a bipartisan majority of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the State Department, and both the civilian and military leadership of the Pentagon.

Challenge in Kosovo — Washington Post Editorial
Europe and the United States should not allow Russia to block the Balkan province’s independence.


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