Featured Articles — December 15, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Of Pork and Patriotism — Brian M. Carney
John McCain doesn’t mince words when it comes to Iraq, the State Department and spending.

Barack Obama seizes his chance — Toby Harnden
Clumsy slurs from Hillary Clinton’s campaign have seen Barack Obama pull past her in the race for the White House. Toby Harnden describes how the senator hit fighting form

The Huckabee Trap — Ramesh Ponnuru
In october the Republican Presidential candidates spoke before social conservatives, mostly Evangelicals, at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit. The event was awkward for several of the contenders.

When Inevitability Isn’t So… Inevitable — John Zogby
It seems like we’ve been involved in the presidential campaign for a year, probably because we have been involved with the presidential campaign for a year.

Conventionally Ignorant — Victor Davis Hanson
The same old simplicities about Iraq. Washington is an echo chamber. One pundit, one senator, one reporter proclaim a snazzy “truth” and almost immediately it reverberates as gospel.

With Spies Like These . . . — Joseph Weisberg
Anyone Giving Intelligence to the U.S. Could Be an Enemy’s Double Agent

George Mitchell’s report has shed light on baseball’s steroid era. — Mike Lupica
It is the morning after for George Mitchell.

The Perils of Putinism — Wall Street Journal Editorial
A non-transfer of power that makes Russia less stable.

The Man Who Started It All — Andrew Ferguson
Twenty-five years of John McLaughlin.

Subprime Politics — The Nation Editorial
As news of the growing financial crisis and impending wave of mass foreclosures became too dire to ignore, the Bush Administration briefly roused itself from its lame-duck slumber to announce… well, not much.


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