Featured Articles — December 14, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

An Overdose of Public Piety — Charles Krauthammer
Mitt Romney declares, “Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone.” Barack Obama opens his speech at his South Carolina Oprah rally with “Giving all praise and honor to God. Look at the day that the Lord has made.” Mike Huckabee explains his surge in the polls thus: “There’s only one explanation for it, and it’s not a human one. It’s the same power that helped a little boy with two fish and five loaves feed a crowd of 5,000 people.”

Steroids in Baseball: Say It Ain’t So — Thomas Sowell
Shoeless Joe Jackson was the only man to bat .382 in his last season in the major leagues. After that he was banned for life for his role in the “black sox scandal,” the deliberate throwing of the 1919 World Series.

Love Thy Enemy — Michael Young
Is talk of a U.S.-Iranian dialogue realistic?

A Second Democratic Year in ’08? — Larry Sabato
Look at recent history. The Senate has changed party control six times: in 1980 (D to R), 1986 (R to D), 1994 (D to R), 2001 (R to D), 2002 (D to R), and 2006 (R to D). This is no longer a rare event. And the Democrats now control the Senate by the slimmest of margins, 51 to 49. Surely, then, Republicans have a real chance to recapture Congress’ upper chamber in 2008.

CIA let mullahs off hook — Greg Sheridan
I DON’T think I have ever seen anything quite so foolishly irresponsible by an American administration in the field of diplomacy as last week’s release of the US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran. There is a dismaying clumsiness and stupidity about it, a kind of reckless disregard of allies and consequences, which is both bewildering and bizarre.

Must they be wars without end? — The Economist
No, as recent successes show. But “winning” will take many years, and cannot be achieved by force alone

Russia Incorporated — David Satter
Why Vladimir Putin dare not give up his position as capo.

A Moral Core for U.S. Foreign Policy — Derek Chollet and Tod Lindberg
Is idealism dead? Should the promotion of American values of liberalism, democracy, human rights, and rule of law be a core element of U.S. foreign policy?

Fred Ain’t Dead — Quin Hillyer
Memo to readers: With his superb performance in Wednesday’s debate in Iowa, Fred Thompson has made a monkey out of me.

Plan B For Pelosi And Reid — E. J. Dionne
Congressional Democrats need a Plan B. Republicans chortle as they block Democratic initiatives — and accuse the majority of being unable to govern. Rank-and-filers are furious their leaders can’t end the Iraq War. President Bush sits back and vetoes at will.


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