Featured Articles — December 13, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Intelligence Oversight in Free Fall — David Ignatius
Whatever else one might say about America’s accident-prone intelligence agencies, it seems clear that the system of congressional oversight that was established in the mid-1970s to supervise them isn’t working.

Misreading the Iran Report — Henry Kissinger
The extraordinary spectacle of the president’s national security adviser obliged to defend the president’s Iran policy against a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) raises two core issues: How are we now to judge the nuclear threat posed by Iran? How are we to judge the intelligence community’s relationship with the White House and the rest of the government?
Hillary’s Slush-Fund Attack — Robert Novak
David Axelrod, the seasoned Chicago Democratic political operative who is chief strategist for Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, was taken by surprise in the last minute of CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Dec. 2. Howard Wolfson, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s spokesman, accused Obama of running a “slush fund.” In fact, the Clinton campaign was spreading that story privately months ago.

The Oprah Factor: A Big Boost for Obama — Dick Morris
The era of celebrity endorsements ended some time ago. We no longer buy the shaving cream that Derek Jeter tells us to use; nor do we vote as some Hollywood actor suggests. We have come to assume that political endorsements are often the product of partisan loyalty rather than any particular standard of merit and that commercial testimonials come only in exchange for cash.

Immigration reshapes politics everywhere — Jim VandeHei and John F. Harris
If there was any doubt about the fearsome power of an anti-immigration message in American politics this election cycle, Republican Bob Latta drove a stake through it on Tuesday.

When waterboarding works — Byron York
About a year ago, I had dinner with a man who played a key role in the U.S. war on terror

Powerful Awakening Shakes Iraqi Politics — Trudy Rubin
Eight bodyguards with machine guns guard the entrance to his three-story stone Baghdad office.

The End of Globalization? — Gabor Steingart
Great political change often begins with the smallest of doubts. Such a doubt is beginning to make itself heard in the US presidential campaign. Free trade, Hillary Clinton is saying, may not be so great after all. Could it signal the beginning of the end for globalization?

Crimson in Clover — Wall Street Journal Editorial

Why Harvard costs so much.

Harvard for Free — Fay Vincent
Higher education is about to change as elite universities decide what to do with their huge endowments.

At Last, a Vote! — Daniel Henninger
Iowa’s January caucuses finally arrive for a face-weary electorate.


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