Featured Articles — December 10, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

After the Battle of Al-Fajr — Michael Totten
Fallujah is known as the City of Mosques. It is also a city of walls, and of war.

Paulson Behind the Curve — Sebastian Mallaby
Hank Paulson ranks among the Bush administration’s many disappointments. When he left the top job at Goldman Sachs to take the helm at Treasury, Washington was abuzz: This man was a problem-solver; this man had clout; the president had practically begged him to accept the job, and Mr. Fix-It hadn’t acquiesced just to warm a seat around the Cabinet table.

Opposition’s window of opportunity — Marifeli Perez-Stable
“A photo finish,” Chávez said after Venezuelans rejected his constitutional reforms. He’s right, of course, only the No –which few really thought would win– is resounding a lot louder than 51-49. The president, after all, thought he’d get indefinite reelection and even more personal power. Instead, he’s facing a Venezuela of opportunities that the Sí would have preempted.

A Pastor’s True Calling — Holly Bailey and Michael Isikoff
Huckabee’s success is due, in part, to right-time, right-place luck. But he says it comes from above.

Giving Tanks — John Fund
Across Europe, thinkers are promoting free-market ideals.

The threat has not diminished — Jonathan Schell
The intelligence is misguided – the danger that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons is real. What’s missing is the policy to address it

Due Process for Jihadists? — Andrew McCarthy
The Supreme Court ponders the constitutional rights of enemy combatants.

A Year Later, Signs of Progress Around the World — Michael Barone
The world looks safer, friendlier, more hopeful than it did as we approached Christmastime last year.

AWOL military justice — Morris Davis
Why the former chief prosecutor for the Office of Military Commissions resigned his post.

Iran’s Vast Military Inferiority and the Prospect of Nukes — James Lewis
One madman with a gun can hold off a hundred cops. The difference is who is more willing to lose his life.


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