Featured Articles — December 6, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Gitmo Goes to Court — David B. Rivkin and Lee A. Casey
The judiciary has no business managing how we fight wars abroad.

Meeting The Iranian Challenge — Joe Biden
I want to address two questions many are asking. Is war with Iran inevitable? And can we avoid the other stark alternative – an Iran armed with nuclear weapons?

The Flaws In the Iran Report — John R. Bolton
Rarely has a document from the supposedly hidden world of intelligence had such an impact as the National Intelligence Estimate released this week. Rarely has an administration been so unprepared for such an event.

Huckabee House Built on a Weak Foundation — Clarice Feldman
Mike Huckabee is this week’s latest Republican buzz, but I think his house is, as the old calypso song goes, “a house built on a weak foundation,” and “it will not stand oh, no.”

Of Teddy Bears and Cartoons — Victor Davis Hanson
Here we go again. Thousands of Sudanese Muslims took to the street last week to threaten death to a British schoolteacher in Khartoum.

NIE’s Upshot: War Is Out, but Iran Is Dangerous — Mort Kondracke
The new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran ought to be greeted with cheers and bipartisan agreement on vigorous carrot-and-stick diplomacy to get Iran to open its nuclear program to international inspections.

How the U.K. and U.S. Made the Modern World — Heather Wilhelm
Ah, the 1990’s: those fabled halcyon days of peace, prosperity, and that confident American post-Cold War glow. For those yearning to return to the relative calm of the last decade, last week’s events in Slovakia would undoubtedly serve as a bit of a wet blanket.

Be Leery Of Mortgage-Meltdown Fixes — Froma Harrop
There will be few winners in the mortgage meltdown. Democrats may be an exception, but they can blow it by trying too hard to fix what pains so many homeowners facing foreclosure.

Still a Dangerous World — Daniel Henninger
Democrats imply the U.S. can talk its way out of global threats.

Heisman Is No Key to NFL Glory — Allen Barra
Why do so few winners make it in the pros?


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