Mainstream Media Again Again Invokes “Nixon Era”

USA Today’s DeWayne Wickham decided to do what every journalist does when they lack the wide-breadth of knowledge to reference history; attack Richard Nixon.

This time, Wickham is trying to make a stark comparison between former White House Spokesman Scott McClellan and Nixon Counsel John W. Dean as heroic whistleblowers of a lurid scheme to destroy political opponents.

Wickhham states the following as fact:

We now know that Plame Wilson’s identity as a CIA undercover operative was leaked to reporters by at least two Bush administration officials, Libby and then-deputy secretary of State Richard Armitage. The Bush administration did so to undermine the credibility of her husband, Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador who was sent to Niger by the CIA to determine whether Saddam Hussein was trying to buy a nuclear weapons component from the African nation.

Wrong! It was in fact Bush critic Richard Armitage who was the unintentional leaker, and Libby’s dubious conviction wasn’t about the outing of Plame under the Espionage Act.

Wickham’s assessment is entirely theoretical and hopeful that the President and his political aids make a good tale of irony.

And now we hear from McClellan that Cheney duped him into telling other reporters that the White House didn’t have its hands in this matter. This trail of lies and deception has put Cheney on the same path that led to Nixon’s impeachment. And it may yet cause the vice president to tumble into the same political abyss.

A better tale of irony might be headlined like this: “Members of the Press Again Trying to Plunge Honorable Men in to the Political Abyss.

Wickham has more.


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