Featured Articles — November 26, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Obama Is Right on Iran — Shelby Steele
Talking with Tehran may help us wage the wars we need to fight.

John Fund on the Trail — John Fund
Michigan’s early primary is good news for George Romney’s son and Bill Clinton’s wife.

Growing Up Giuliani — Michael Isikoff
Rudy Giuliani was raised to understand that fine, blurry line between saint and sinner. The making of his moral code.

A New French Revolution — Fareed Zakaria
This could be the start of Europe’s biggest turnaround since Thatcher revived Britain.

His Own Boss — The Economist
Kevin Rudd’s resounding victory

The Annapolis summit — Washington Times Editorial
It would be hard to envision a more daunting political challenge than what the Bush administration has set out for itself: achieving progress at the Middle East peace conference which begins tomorrow in Annapolis

The Second Amendment Wedge — Jed Babbin
Hillary calls them, “kitchen table issues,” the political questions Americans take seriously enough to talk about them privately, in their homes, among family and friends.

Nothing old about it — Schmuey Boteach
Why Christians should retire the label ‘Old Testament.’

The Region: Inviting a bull into the china shop — Barry Rubin
Syria is working to undermine every US policy objective.

Purifying Conservatism with Heroics — George Will
In the 1920s and ’30s, the American left was driven by multiple factions furiously representing different flavors of socialism, each accusing the others of revisionism and deviationism. Leftists comforted themselves with the thought that “you can’t split rotten wood.”


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