Featured Articles — November 21, 2007

Featured Articles from Home and Abroad:

The Perils of Engagement — Jeff Robbins

The U.S. can’t prevent the Palestinians and their Arab backers from making poor choices.

Back to Normal? — Peter Wehner and Yuval Levin

Crime, drugs, welfare and other good news.

Big Board, Big Trouble — Kimberley A. Strassel
Charles Gasparino’s vivid account of the battle between Richard Grasso and Eliot Spitzer.

Instill hope for future. Support strong families — Mike Huckabee
America’s greatest generation hasn’t come and gone; I believe it is yet to be born. My vision for our country is for all Americans to share that optimism.

THANKS-giving — John McWhorter
You know how you can tell that we don’t truly think of Thanksgiving as being about thankfulness anymore? Which syllable most of us put the accent on.

Nixon 1968, Clinton 2008 — John Ellis
Not so long ago, electability was a one-way ticket to presidential primary election oblivion. The road was littered with “most electable” candidates. Their names were Scranton and Romney, Muskie and Humphrey, Bayh and Connally; to mention but a few.

Debating Iraq’s Transition — Thomas L. Friedman
Watching Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice making repeated trips to Israel to try to broker some kind of deal between Israelis and Palestinians, while Iraq remains politically unresolved, leaves me feeling like my house is burning down and the fire department has decided to stop along the way to get two cats out of a tree.

Iraq: What Went Right: Courage, Skill, and Exhaustion — Ralph Peters
THE situation in Iraq has im proved so rapidly that Democrats now shun the topic as thoroughly as they shun our troops when the cameras aren’t around.

A Singular Vision — Simon Tisdall
Vladimir Putin’s version of democracy is so much less trouble than the real thing. No wonder it’s fast becoming Russia’s biggest political export.

A powder keg in Lebanon — Milton Viorst
Deadlock over a new leader could set off a civil war and fuel Mideast volatility.


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