Featured Articles — November 20, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Rapid response speeds up — Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin
The presidential campaigns in both parties have begun reacting ferociously to real or perceived attacks from rivals, goaded by a tight campaign calendar that leaves no room for error, and a determination to show they’re tougher than John F. Kerry was in 2004.

Which Dem is the Real Change Candidate? — E. J. Dionne
The contours of the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination are set, and it is not a battle about “issues.”

Income Confusion — Thomas Sowell
Anyone who follows the media has probably heard many times that the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and incomes of the population in general are stagnating.

Opposing view: Iranian bomb ‘intolerable’ — Joshua Muravchik
President has authority to order strikes in pre-emptive self-defense.

Keeping Faith With Colombia — Barry R. McCaffrey
The proposed free-trade agreement with Colombia has stalled in Congress. The success and stability of Colombia and the Pan-American region depend on our ability to recognize the importance of this agreement to the United States, to Colombia’s economy, to human rights progress and to enhanced U.S. national security.

Something To Give Thanks For Good news from Iraq — Christopher Hitchens
A few weeks ago, in Britain’s Prospect magazine, the paper’s foreign editor, Bartle Bull, published a bold essay saying that the high tide of violence in Iraq was essentially behind us and that the ebb had disclosed some interesting things.

Restore U.S. leadership. Rebuild middle class. — Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Des Moines Register
After eight years of failed leadership under President Bush, the next president will face extraordinary challenges: a war to end; an economy to revive; an energy crisis to solve; 47 million Americans to insure; a homeland to secure; alliances to repair; and a world in need of American leadership.

Sarkozy Mounts Showdown against the Unions — Stefan Simons
In a showdown over pension reform, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is trying to wrestle power from the unions and establish himself as the steward of the country’s long-overdue modernization process. Meanwhile, as fears grow over possible job cuts and rising prices, new strikes could be on the horizon.

A Swarm of Swindlers — Bob Herbert
Like vultures, the mortgage lenders began circling the single-family house with the tiny front lawn on Merrill Avenue.

The Annapolis Fiasco — Bret Stephens

Condoleezza Rice’s pointless Middle East conference.

Cheap Technology, Shoddy Morals — Richard B. Woodward
Why do so many criminals want to be video stars?


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