Featured Articles — November 16, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Reviled and Isolated Abroad? — Charles Krauthammer
When the Democratic presidential candidates pause from beating Hillary with a stick, they join in unison to pronounce the Democratic pieties, chief among which is that George Bush has left our alliances in ruins.

That’s why the lady is a champ — David Yepsen
After two bad weeks in the 2008 Democratic presidential campaign, she recovered her footing and pushed back sharply at her opponents in a debate Thursday night.

The Paulose Test — Scott W. Johnson
If my friend Rachel Paulose were a liberal Democrat, she would be a celebrity. Serving as the United States attorney for Minnesota, she is the first woman, the first immigrant (Indian), the first Asian, and, at age 34, the youngest attorney ever to hold the position.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Iraq — E. J. Dionne
It’s time that we subject the Iraq War to the same cost-benefit analysis that we are called upon to impose on other government endeavors. We are supposed to repeal or revise domestic programs that don’t work. Shouldn’t a troubled war policy be treated the same way?

Rudy’s Gamble — Kimberly A. Strassel
Giuliani’s audacious strategy for the nomination

Spitzer’s Fall — Wall Street Journal Editorial
His nastiness catches up with him.

On Setting an Example — Peggy Noonan
Being a “beacon to the world” is more challenging than it sounds.

Which Way to the Damascus Road? — Christine Rosen
The modern conversion narrative seems less convincing.

A Boy’s Life — Kyle Smith
Norman Mailer’s immaturity overshadowed his talent.

Evangelicals and Evil Empires — Naomi Schaefer Riley
Religious voters have long had an interest in foreign policy.


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