Featured Articles — November 4, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Twenty years ago today — Mark Steyn
We are all rockers now. National Review publishes its own chart of the Fifty Greatest Conservative Rock Songs, notwithstanding that most of the honorees are horrified to find themselves on such a hit parade.

Noun + Verb + 9/11 + Iran = Democrats’ Defeat? — Frank Rich
WHEN President Bush started making noises about World War III, he only confirmed what has been a Democratic article of faith all year: Between now and Election Day he and Dick Cheney, cheered on by the mob of neocon dead-enders, are going to bomb Iran.

The sun will set on our empire too — Piers Brendon
Americans would do well to heed the history of the British and Roman empires.

A hero in Castro’s gulag — Jeff Jacoby
AT A White House ceremony tomorrow President Bush will honor eight distinguished men and women with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civil award.

Why Putin Wins — Sergei Kovalev
I should begin by saying that I find the current president of Russia and his policies extremely offensive. I believe that Vladimir Putin is the most sinister figure in contemporary Russian history.

Why Her Dreams Crashed — Fred Kaplan
Rice’s Worldview Flipped, And Her Policies Flopped

Time to renew Anglican Zionism — Jerusalem Post Editorial
Although he was here for just 24 hours for a meeting with Israel’s chief rabbis, the archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, managed to find the time to voice sharp criticism of the security barrier.

Appease the Druse — Gil Sedan
They need not prove their loyalty. They need to be rewarded for it.

A Leash on the Executive — George Will
Americans are wondering, with the lassitude of uninvolved spectators, whether the president will initiate a war with Iran. Some Democratic presidential candidates worry, or purport to, that he might claim an authorization for war in a Senate resolution labeling an Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit a terrorist organization.

How to Rein in Iran Without War — Jim Hoagland
Iran is working to produce a 20-to-50-pound stockpile of enriched uranium that it can use to build atomic weapons within eight to 10 weeks, once it decides to do so — and has consistently lied to the United Nations about those efforts.


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