Featured Articles — November 2, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

‘This Will Make Voter Fraud Easier’ — John Fund
Why does Mrs. Clinton want driver’s licenses for illegal aliens?

The Next Frontier — Robert Kaplan
Africa matters. It is no longer a third-rate theater of war. The Pentagon’s decision to stand up a war-fighting command exclusively for Africa by the end of 2008 presages a new direction for the global war on terrorism, with profound implications for the military and its relations with the State Department and other executive-branch institutions. It also provides a way for the United States to deal with a rising China.

Coffee at Claridge’s with Prince Saud — Con Coughlin
The concept of hospitality lies at the very heart of Arab culture. Whether it is a powerful potentate welcoming a guest to the gilded luxury of his palace or a humble Bedouin offering the weary traveller shelter in his desert tent, being both gracious and generous to any visitor is as deeply ingrained in the Arabs’ psyche as their fondness for dates and camel’s milk.

Heck of a Job, Hughsie — Fred Kaplan
Karen Hughes throws in the towel.

How Iraq’s Elections Set Back Democracy — Ayad Allawi
IN the six weeks since Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker delivered their report to Congress on the situation in Iraq, there has been much criticism over the lack of progress made by the Baghdad government toward national reconciliation.

Crocker to Turkey: Stay Out of Iraq — Scott Macleod
U.S. ambassador in Baghdad Ryan Crocker is urging Turkey to demonstrate “strategic patience” over recent attacks by Kurdish fighters inside Iraq, warning that a cross-border Turkish military strike is exactly what the PKK rebels are trying to provoke.

Hillary Reveals Her Inner Self — Peggy Noonan
It’s startling. It’s still 1993 in there, the year before her fall.

Mukasey and the Democrats — Wall Street Journal Editorial
Their real target is antiterror interrogation.

U.S. Tax Code Hampers Competitiveness — Michael Franc
In July, the Treasury Department released a study cataloguing the ways our deplorable tax code restricts U.S. competitiveness. “Our tax system,” it said, “disrupts and distorts a vast array of business and investment decisions” that “lowers the productive capacity of the economy and reduces living standards.”

The results of brilliant theories — Caroline B. Glick
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin seems directly correlated to his hostility toward America. The more hostility he shows, the more she seems to like him.


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