Featured Articles — October 29, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

A Two-Way or a Five-Way? — William Kristol
Some alternative scenarios

‘Fairness’ Is Foul — Wall Street Journal Editorial
Liberals vs. the First Amendment.

How America must handle the falling dollar — Lawrence Summers
The falling dollar generates anxiety almost everywhere. Americans and those dependent on American growth worry about the proverbial “hard landing” as inflation and interest rates rise with a weakening dollar, causing asset prices and output to fall. Europeans and others with currencies that float freely against the dollar worry that their currencies will bear a disproportionate share of the dollar’s decline and appreciate too far, leading to competitiveness problems. The falling dollar risks rising inflation, asset bubbles and the loss of macroeconomic control in countries that have tied their currencies to the dollar’s sagging mast.

Wealth and Nations — Alvaro Vargas Llosa
Is global capitalism making the poor even poorer, or is it in fact rescuing millions of people out of their misery?

Losing Russia — Dmitri Simes
Faced with threats from al Qaeda and Iran and increasing instability in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States does not need new enemies. Yet its relationship with Russia is worsening by the day. The rhetoric on both sides is heating up, security agreements are in jeopardy, and Washington and Moscow increasingly look at each other through the old Cold War prism.

What Became of the Realist? — Rich Lowry
A close observer traces the rise and fall of Condi Rice’s star.

What the New Atheists Don’t See — Theodore Dalrymple
To regret religion is to regret Western civilization.

My Proud Record — Mike Huckabee
I cut taxes and fees over 90 times as governor.

Torturing Mukasey — Wall Street Journal Editorial
The judge becomes a pawn in the politics of interrogation.

Saying Yes to France — Ronald Asmus
Today’s Security Challenges Cry Out for Its Return to Full NATO Participation


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