Featured Articles — October 28, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Walking Into Iran’s Trap — David Ignatius
Is the United States going to war with Iran? That’s what a Lebanese businessman here wants to know from a visiting American. If it’s war, he doesn’t want to make a big new investment in the region.

New Hampshire Blues — Andrew Cline
Massachusetts refugees aren’t behind the state’s liberal drift.

Inside the Surge — Michael Yon
How Ordinary Iraqis are turning the the tide of war.

Free Elections Come First — Robert Kagan
During the slavery controversy of the 1850s, Northerners who opposed confronting the South argued for letting nature take its course. Slavery was doomed, they argued, because it could not spread where the climate was inhospitable to cotton and because the atavistic slave system would inevitably be overtaken by industrialization.

Abortion’s ‘So-What’ Factor — George Will
Almost 35 years have passed since the Supreme Court decided to end America’s argument about abortion. Because of the court’s supposedly therapeutic intervention in the nation’s supposedly inadequate democratic debate about that subject, the issue still generates an irritable irrationality that was largely absent before 1973.

War, like life, is not a movie — Mark Steyn
As far as I know, the movie “Deliverance” has been featured in political discourse just the once. Back in 1996, Pat Buchanan, hot from his triumph over Bob Dole in the New Hampshire primary, warned the country-club Republicans that he was coming to get them “like a character out of Deliverance.”

No Cause for Hypercaution — Michael Gerson
In a new book, former Bush speechwriter and NEWSWEEK contributor Michael J. Gerson warns against learning the wrong lessons from Iraq.

The Return of the Thought Police — Wendy Kaminer
“Hate crime” legislation is an assault on civil liberties.

Don’t alienate Ankara — Gidon Remba
An American Jewish liberal argues that because the Armenian genocide is not unfolding today, morality must be calibrated differently.

No security, no power — Jerusalem Post Editorial
Israel should not undercut its own case with superfluous apologetics.

It’s all about Iran — Jerusalem Post Editorial
Were the peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan achieved because the right diplomats came along?


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