Featured Articles — October 25, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Who’s Afraid of an Iranian Bomb? — Victor Davis Hanson
At first glance, it would seem a straightforward thing to stop a relatively weak but volatile Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. It would also seem to be something a concerned world community would be actively working to do.

Can the War on Terror Be Won? — Philip Gordon
Less than 12 hours after the 9/11 attacks, George W. Bush proclaimed the start of a global war on terror. Ever since, there has been a vigorous debate about how to win it. Bush and his supporters stress the need to go on the offensive against terrorists, deploy U.S. military force, promote democracy in the Middle East, and give the commander in chief expansive wartime powers.

We’ll Always Have Putin — Leon Aron
PRESIDENT BUSH said last week of his erstwhile “friend” Vladimir Putin, “I have no idea what he’s going to do.” Mr. Bush is not alone: no one but Mr. Putin knows whether the Russian president will relinquish power next year. Still, after Mr. Putin’s announcement that he would not be averse to becoming the next prime minister, the prevailing guess is that after the March 2 presidential election Mr. Putin will head the Russian government under a new president.

Lessons of the Dream Act defeat — Tom Curry
Senate vote reveals staying power of illegal immigration issue

McCain-Feingold Strikes Campus — George Will
The speech policeman’s lot is not a happy one, as the University of Montana at Missoula is learning. Herewith a tale about the mess that institution has made by regulating political speech.

Europe’s awakening? — Jerusalem Post Editorial
This week in Paris and London, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert heard some quite encouraging words. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said, “We are ready and will push for further sanctions against Iran. … Economic sanctions are effective … but they are not sufficient. So there should be more.” Brown also said that sanctions should reach the point “up to where Iran stops its nuclear program.”

Threatening Iran — Boston Globe Editoial
PRESIDENT BUSH and Vice President Cheney have been issuing public warnings both to Iran and to other major powers about Iran’s refusal to suspend uranium enrichment. These unsubtle threats could be meant merely to persuade Iran’s leaders to negotiate seriously with their European interlocutors, Britain, France, and Germany. But the threats might also be part of an administration buildup to an attack on Iran.

Rudy?: Giuliani and religious right meet on the road to political adulthood — Daniel Henninger
One school of thought on the religious right holds that if Rudy Giuliani would commit to an unequivocal anti-abortion position, they could vote for him. A second school of thought, articulated by Richard Land, a leading figure in the politically important Southern Baptist Convention, is that he won’t vote for any pro-choice candidate “as a matter of personal moral conscience,” though Mr. Land says other evangelicals might find a way to vote for Mr. Giuliani.

Media war, round II: The latest political attack on free-market consolidation — Wall Street Journal Editorial
The latest political attack on free-market consolidation.

Unholyland Foundation — Cal Thomas
A federal judge in Dallas declared a mistrial in the case of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) when a jury was unable to reach a verdict on 197 counts brought by the government that accused the Muslim charity of funding terrorism.


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