Featured Articles — October 22, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Defending Islamofascism — Christopher Hitchens
It’s a valid term. Here’s why.

Clinton’s Lead in Historical Perspective — Gallup
Leads greater than 20 points rare for Democrats

One strike, Iran could be out — Niall Ferguson
Of all the columns I’ve written for this newspaper over the last couple of years, none has elicited a more heated response than the one published in January 2006 about the Great War of 2007. Indeed, it still gets quoted back at me more than a year and a half later.

The Wiretap Deal — Wall Street Journal Editorial
An intelligence victory, but a defeat for Presidential power.

Louisiana elects a reform governor. What’s next? — John Fund
Bobby Jindal can’t hold down a job: That’s the joke circulating around Louisiana today about the election of Mr. Jindal, a son of immigrants from India, as governor. Mr. Jindal, a 36-year-old Republican congressman from the New Orleans suburbs, won 54% of the vote in Saturday’s election, avoiding the need for a runoff next month.

Our World: Shari’a-friendly investments — Caroline Glick
The amount of money available for ‘zakat’ is staggering, while the moral and criminal implications of facilitating Islamist finance are little understood. 

The Deal on the Table — Jackson Diehl
An enduring paradox of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that the outline of a two-state peace settlement — that is, the points Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is pressing the two sides to write down in time for a November conference — is readily apparent to anyone with a commitment to pragmatism and a good map. In fact, various groups of Israelis and Palestinians have already spelled them out and agreed to them on multiple occasions in the past 15 years.

Californians for Rudy — Robert Novak
Curt Pringle, the conservative mayor of Anaheim and onetime speaker of the California State Assembly, is a pro-life Republican who endorsed pro-choice Rudy Giuliani for president in March, and since then he has been actively engaged in Giuliani’s campaign. After conversations with Giuliani, Pringle takes at face value the former New York mayor’s pledge to nominate Supreme Court justices in the mold of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

England Your England: Shocking Row in Parliament — Paul Greenberg
There’ll always be an England, so they say. But you might doubt it after reading about the latest controversy in Parliament. To quote David Stringer’s AP dispatch from London: “British lawmakers have been granted the power to move to the head of the line at restaurants, rest rooms and elevators inside the Houses of Parliament, angering those assistants, researchers, janitors and other workers who must stand and wait.”

AIDS Prevention: What Works? — Daniel Halperin
Richard Holbrooke should be commended for urging a renewed focus on global HIV prevention [” Still Losing the AIDS Fight,” op-ed, Oct. 9]. Although HIV treatment and care programs must be expanded, only by preventing new infections can we ultimately hope to turn back this devastating disease.


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