Featured Articles — October 20, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

These United States — Brian Williams
My favorite portraits of Americans.

Zell’s Angels — Collin Levy
The real estate mogul credits his success to trusting his instincts.

The Turkish Front — Wall Street Journal Editorial
The path to a better Middle East goes through Ankara.

Epitaph for a Congress — William Kristol
The defining moment of the 110th Congress and the party that led it.

Brazil’s Economic Growth Shouldn’t Be Overlooked — Ian Brenner
When it comes to emerging-market success stories, Brazil is usually the most overlooked of the so-called BRIC countries, a group that includes Russia, India and China. Trends underlying Brazil’s political development and the country’s ability to profit from a favorable international investment climate suggest that’s a mistake.

Limbaugh Spins Reid’s Letter Into Charity Gold — Neely Tucker
Petty bickering about patriotism and Who Loves Our Troops More has never been seen as a financial growth industry, but there’s no stopping American capitalism. This is why a perfunctory bit of political grandstanding, committed to U.S. Senate letterhead this month, became worth a reported $4.2 million yesterday, instantly becoming one of the most valuable printed documents of the modern era.

Women, Sciene, and Gender Bias — Cathy Young
THE DEBATE over women’s place in science, which proved to be the downfall of Harvard President Lawrence Summers after he suggested that male preeminence in the field could be due at least partly to biological traits and personal choices, remains a lightning rod for controversy

IEDs Seen As Rising Threat in The U.S. — Spencer S. Hsu and Mary Beth Sheridan
As Preparedness Is Criticized, Bush Works on a Plan

It’s Not Your Favorite Tax, It Should Be — Michael Kinsley
If you were designing the tax system from scratch, you might come up with something that looks a lot like the AMT.

Back to the aliya dark ages — Jerusalem Post Editorial
This week, a small bureaucratic shift in policy spoke volumes about this government’s – and the Jewish people’s – failure in facing the most difficult and arguably most dangerous threat to Jewish continuity: the pitiless calculus of demographics.

Column One: Idle talk, reckless talk — Caroline Glick
Apparently US and Israeli leaders think that idle chatter is risk free. Last week, the Democrats in the US Congress decided to take on the Ottoman Empire. Acting boldly, the House Foreign Relations Committee condemned the empire (which ceased to exist in 1917) for committing genocide against the Armenians in 1915.


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