Featured Articles – October 19, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

What Happened at Haditha — Wall Street Journal Editorial
The incident at Haditha–or the massacre, as it is often called–is due for a wholesale rethinking. The allegations are that in 2005 U.S. Marines went on a killing spree and deliberately executed 24 Iraqi civilians. The casualties have drawn an extraordinary amount of political attention, becoming an emblem for everything critics say is wrong with the Iraq war–in the common telling, another My Lai.

Comfy With K Street — Stephen Moore
The late Milton Friedman used to rail against what he called corporate America’s “suicidal impulse.” By that he meant that the business community continually financed the very politicians who were intent on robbing their profits and slitting their throats.

Pelosi’s Armenian Gambit — Charles Krauthammer
There are three relevant questions concerning the Armenian genocide.

(a) Did it happen?

(b) Should the U.S. House of Representatives be expressing itself on this now?

(c) Was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s determination to bring this to a vote, knowing that it risked provoking Turkey into withdrawing crucial assistance to American soldiers in Iraq, a conscious (columnist Thomas Sowell) or unconscious (blogger Mickey Kaus) attempt to sabotage the U.S. war effort?

Romney courts Christians — Mike Allen
Mitt Romney plans to promise on Friday that as president he would convene a White House summit on ways to “strengthen the family, particularly in the inner city,” according to remarks released by his campaign.

Putin’s Persian Pals — Peter Brookes
At his press conference yes terday, President Bush seemed surprised to learn of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comments in Tehran rejecting the use of force in the Caspian region – a clear warning to the United States not to use the military option to deal with Iran’s nuclear program.

The Return of Benazir Bhutto – New York Times Editorial
It’s no surprise that Benazir Bhutto’s return to Pakistan was painstakingly choreographed: She emerged from her plane in Karachi yesterday clutching a Koran and dressed in Pakistan’s national colors. Comebacks, after all, are her specialty. Since her father, Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was executed in 1979, she’s been elected prime minister twice, deposed twice on charges of corruption and self-exiled twice. Now, at 54, she’s back for another try.

From the Back of the Pack — David Brooks
The first thing you notice about Mike Huckabee is that he has a Mayberry name and a Jim Nabors face. But it’s quickly clear that Huckabee is as good a campaigner as anybody running for president this year. And before too long it becomes easy to come up with reasons why he might have a realistic shot at winning the Republican nomination:

The Children’s Crusade — for Socialized Medicine — Rich Lowry
Democrats are altogether too modest in the claims they make for the SCHIP children’s health-insurance program. They talk only about what it does to cover needy families with uninsured kids, but never about all the wondrous things it can do for middle-class families with their own private insurance.

Bhutto attack was suicide bombing; death toll 134 — Carlotta Gall and Salman Masood
The death toll rose to 134 killed and 450 wounded Friday following explosions just feet from a truck carrying the returning opposition leader Benazir Bhutto on Thursday night, in what regional authorities and Bhutto said was a suicide attack by Islamist militants.

Lessons of a Near Upset in Massachusetts — Michael Barone
Here are the election returns for Tuesday’s special election in the Fifth District of Massachusetts. Democrat Niki Tsongas beat Republican Jim Ogonowski 51 to 45 percent in a district in which John Kerry beat George W. Bush 57 to 41 percent. This probably counts as the “near upset” I suggested as a possibility in my U.S. News column for the week.


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