Featured Articles — October 18, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Polls Aside, Bush Is ‘On Offense,’ White House Says — Mort Kondracke
President Bush’s approval ratings are still in the low 30s, but White House aides insist that he’s now on policy offense across the board.

Gen. Sanchez’s Scream — Daniel Henninger
He indicted everyone involved in Iraq, including the media and Congress.

Confronting Cambodia’s Corruption — Marwan Muasher
The World Bank responds.

Big Shots, Born Again: A look at the evangelical power elite — John Schmalzbauer
Once upon a time, a Protestant elite ruled America. Its members were not just any Protestants, though. They came almost exclusively from the “main line,” a phrase borrowed from the affluent suburbs lining the Pennsylvania Railroad west of Philadelphia.

Journeying to democracy — Benazir Bhutto
As I board the plane that takes me home to Pakistan today, I carry with me a manuscript of a book I am writing that will be published shortly. It is a treatise on the reconciliation of the values of Islam and the West, and a prescription for a moderate and modern Islam that marginalizes religious extremists, returns the military from politics to their barracks, treats all citizens and especially women with full and equal rights, selects its leaders by free and fair elections, and provides for transparent, democratic governance that addresses the social and economic needs of the people as its highest priority.

What Turkey Wants From Iraq, and the US — Jürgen Gottschlich
The Turkish parliament granted Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday the right to order a military strike in neighboring Iraq. It’s potentially a blank check for a new Iraq war — but for now, the war drums are a way to underline Turkey’s demands.

An Anglosphere Future — Christopher Hitchens
How a shared tradition of ideas and values—not bloodlines—can be a force for liberty

Flower-Power Pork — Robert Novak
A ‘taxpayer-funded Woodstock flashback’ and other delightful stories of earmark excess.

Portents of A Nuclear Al-Qaeda — David Ignatius
Contemplating the ultimate terrorist signature, a mushroom cloud.

Ambitious to a Fault — Robert J. Samuelson
Success becomes its own god. Winning is what matters; the methods or consequences count little or not at all.


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