Featured Articles — October 8, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Al Qaeda’s War of Villages — Omar Fadhil
Signs that the terrorists are losing in Iraq.

Another U.N. Power Grab — William P. Clark and Edwin Meese
What would Reagan do? On the Law of the Sea Treaty, we know the answer.

Playing Politics With Blackwater — Robert D. Novak
How a serious inquiry into military contractors was drowned by opportunistic lawyers and lawmakers.

Can Lebanon Lead the Way — Jackson Diehl
Beirut could be the catalyst for greater change in the Middle East.

Dutch Retreat on Speech? — Anne Applebaum
Are critics of radical Islam getting the same free speech protection as its proponents?

Is Rudy the most electable Republican? — William Kristol
Last week Rudy Giuliani said this: “Every poll shows that I would be, by far, the strongest candidate against Hillary Clinton.

Can Ailes Outfox CNBC? — Rebecca Dana
Invoking Stonewall Jackson, Fox Business Chief Prepares To Battle Entrenched Rival.

I advocate the same foreign policy the Founding Fathers would — Rep. Ron Paul
Any response to this paper’s Friday editorial on my foreign policy position must rest on two fundamental assertions: first, that the Founding Fathers were not isolationists; and second, that their political philosophy — the wisdom of the Constitution, the Declaration, and our Revolution itself — is not just a primitive cultural relic.

The test of leadership — Gershon Baskin
Abbas and Olmert should not be focused on public opinion.

Bar low for Thompson as debate looms — Roger Simon
Has there ever been a major presidential candidate with lower expectations on the eve of his first debate than Fred Thompson?


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