This Day in History — Nixon Lays-Out 5 Point Plan for Indochine Peace.

vietnam5.jpgOn October 7, 1970, President Richard Nixon spoke to the nation to report his new plan for a peaceful and honorable extrication from Vietnam. Politically divided by a de-moralized war, Nixon knew that the America needed to end the War but reaffirm it’s geopolitical strength in the terms of troop withdrawal. The following is his 5 point plan excerpted from his report to Congress on February 25, 1971.

1. An internationally supervised ceasefire in place throughout Indochina, governed by principles which would make it acceptable and credible to both sides.

2. An Indochina Peace Conference.This reflected the facts that North Vietnamese forces were in Laos and Cambodia as well as Vietnam and that a stable peace in one required a stable peace in all.

3. The withdrawal of all American forces from South Vietnam on a timetable to be negotiated as part of an overall settlement. This was to make clear that we were prepared to remove all American troops.

4. A political settlement in South Vietnam bases on the political principles I had stated on April 20.
This was to reaffirm to the other side our willingness to search for a political process that would meet their concerns.

5. The immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners or war, journalists and other innocent civilian victims held by both sides. This was to underline our view that the prisoner issue was strictly humanitarian and need not await resolution of other problems.


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