Featured Articles — October 7, 2007

Interesting Takes from Home and Abroad:

Palestinian Propaganda Coup — Natan Sharansky
A judge in France has a chance to hold the media accountable.

Rebuild the American family, starting with mom and dad — Mort Zuckerman
You will hear a lot about the American family in the election campaign. For most of us, that calls up an image of a man and wife and two or three children.

To beat bin Laden, fight on all fronts — Tim Roemer
As the sixth anniversary of 9/11 passed, the release of three tapes featuring Osama bin Laden reminded Americans of al-Qaida’s savagery and persistence.

The Right Judicial Litmus Test — Steven G. Calabresi, Federalist Society Co-Chairman 
Follow the Constitution, or not?

Talk Is Cheap — William Kristol
Couldn’t the U.S. Do More to Pressure Burma’s Junta?

Petraeus steps up accusations against Iran — Dean Yates
The U.S. military commander in Iraq stepped up accusations over the weekend that Iran was inciting violence there and said Tehran’s ambassador to Baghdad was a member of the Revolutionary Guards Qods force.

Militants to the Left, Militants to the Right — George Will
Evidence that a Democrat has read Smith’s great treatise against meddlesome government is as gratifying as it is startling.

The war, in the vernacular — William F. Buckley
The flap featuring Rush Limbaugh, Media Matters and MoveOn.org illustrates the importance not only of keeping facts straight but also of lining up symmetrical perspectives.

Would You Buy a Used Hawk From This Man? — William Hirsh
Neocons Converge Around Giuliani Campaign

BUM RUSH — Jonah Goldberg

Why Is This GOP Strategist Smiling? — David Broder
How could the GOP be happy with their current standing? The answer: The Democrats are also looking like dogs. 


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