Featured Articles — October 5, 2007

Interesting Takes of Home and Abroad:

Sputnik’s Impact on American Technology — Charles Krauthammer
In a prose of irony, Charles Krauthammer writes that the unwarranted fear from the Soviet launch of Sputnik set the United States ahead of the curve in science and technology.

The Two Faces of Al-Qaeda — Raymond Ibrahim
An excellent historical perspective. Ibrahim argues that for practicality, our enemies have exchanged the eternal language of Islam for the selective rhetoric of Al Qaeda.

Reporter-at-Large: The Second Premiership of Vladimir Putin — Andrey Terekhov
By announcing his decision to top the pro-Kremlin United Russia Party list, President Vladimir Putin has effectively wrapped up the parliamentary and presidential elections months ahead of time.

The Trance — Peggy Noonan
Bush . . . Clinton . . . Bush . . . Clinton . . . Getting very sleepy . . .

A New ‘New Majority’ for GOP? — Pat Buchanan
With President Bush reaching new lows in national polls, Christian conservatives threatening to bolt if Rudy is the nominee and the Iraq war bleeding support in Middle America, Republicans are in a funk about 2008.

Asia’s Forgotten Crisis — Foreign Affairs Editors Michael Green and Derek Mitchell
Over the past decade, Burma has gone from being an antidemocratic embarrassment and humanitarian disaster to being a serious threat to its neighbors’ security. The international community must change its approach to the country’s junta.

The Guards run the show in Iran — Abbas William Samii
They have a hand in the nuclear program, attacks in Iraq, and politics.

Blackwater’s Backwash — Wall Street Journal Editorial
Their legal status needs clarity, but Bush hasn’t Rambo-ized Iraq.

Tanker Troubles — Oliver North
Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform purports to be concerned about transparency and accountability in government contracting. It sounds great, but from all indications, this is just a public relations gimmick to justify going after American companies in the midst of a war.

In His Words — San Diego Union Tribune Editorial
Clarence Thomas a reminder of endurance, and achievement.


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